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Media reviews

Digital Audio review of Curious usb cable.

Digital Audio Review

Curious for the Curious:

A knockout usb cable from Australia.

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Hi-Fi Advice

After using the Curious USB cable, you won’t ever want to go back to that flat and uninspiring sounding regular cable. 

Positive Feedback Magazine review of Curious usb cable.

Positive Feedback Magazine

The Curious is open and wonderfully resolving while being musically engaging...

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6 Moons review of Curious usb cable.

Six Moons

That curious signature 

— more decay retrieval, fuller tone, deeper space, once more asserted itself unchallenged  

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Mono and Stereo Magazine review of Curious usb cable.

Mono and Stereo High-end Audio Magazine

But please don't just take my word for it. If you are in for a good  treat at your local or global HiFi restaurant, please order the CC menu  and take a tour with the Curious USB Cable, and I am sure you won´t  regret it. 

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Audio Bacon Magazine review of Curious  usb cable.

Audio Bacon Magazine

After listening, I’d suspect many will look no further than the Curious Cables USB.  

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High Fidelity Magazine review of Curious Cables usb.

High Fidelity Magazine

Curious USB delivers an open sound that is never too bright. 

Especially  when DSD files were played they  sounded naturally soft, rich and very  realistic, just like the best SACD Players I knew. 

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Stereo Times review of Curious Cables usb.

Stereo Times

This  is a great cable!  Love your turntable rig but hate your computer audio  setup because it sounds dry, flat and uninvolving?  Curious Cables will  have you sorted out in no time. 

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Sound Perfection Reviews

The Curious cable sounds more dynamic, and less 2D than the stock monoprice cable. It is more enjoyable and easier to listen to, the monoprice cable just sounds a bit flat and boring in comparison. 

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Mono and Stereo Magazine review of Curious Cables usb, Curious Cables from Australia.

Meridian Explorer with Curious usb

And  just before my deadline, I received a USB A-Mini B cable provided from  Curious Cable in Australia. What a joy! The sound quality got even  better, and not just a tiny 0.1%, but way more. 

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Digital Audio Review of Curious usb, Curious usb with Regen.

Uptone Audio Regen with Curious usb

The combination of REGEN with Curious usb cable either side is the  finest digital I’ve yet experienced. A couple of golden ears were also  present. They used phrases such as “dimensional reality” and “intense  musical involvement”. Swapping cables lessens the illusion.  REGEN/Curious is a match made in heaven. 

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