The Curious usb cable has been designed with one thing in mind - 

to improve the sound quality of your computer audio system.

Curious: The enquiring mind...

Why does the humble usb cable make such a difference to sound quality in a computer-based audio system?  

Australian audiophile Rob Woodland spent 12 months examining every aspect of usb cable design 

- from an "audio" point of view.

What does it take to create a better sounding cable?  

Curious usb cable - glowing reviews from around the world...

Curious usb cable review from DAR.

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Curious for the curious: 

a knockout USB cable from Australia 

(Digital Audio Review)

Curious usb cable review from 6 Moons.

Leading critic says...

That curious signature — more decay retrieval, fuller tone, deeper space — once more asserted itself unchallenged  

ANNOUNCING - new review from Hi-Fi Advice

But who would have thought it possible to improve the performance in  audiophile parameters such as dynamics, tightness, focus, and  articulation (to name just a few) while retaining all the fluidity,  flow, and musical engagement by using a different USB cable? I certainly  did not. But there you go. 

Here is a USB cable that works wonders in  three very different systems. Well done Curious Cables! 

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Curious Evolved usb cable Review



As much as I don't know about every detail and the technology, and the construction of the new Evolved cable, I DO know when I plugged it in my Hi-Fi system, within seconds, that THIS IS GREAT!

Curious Evolved USB Cable review from Hi-Fi Advice


Oh, yes, this is something else!

 ...the new Curious Evolved cable has a sweeter and richer delivery with a  more organic and free-flowing perspective while retaining a very large  portion of the original’s drive and dynamics. 

User comments on the new Curious Evolved usb cable

A revelation – Curious Evolved.

I have tracked from AudioQuest to Oyaide to Curious USB and now to a new release – Curious Evolved.  The Evolved absolutely raises the bar to new heights for my system – Meitner DA2 Reference, Karan KA M2000 monoblocks to Wilson XLF speakers through Odin and Analysis Plus cables.  

Much broader and more detailed soundstage with incredible inner resolution.  Added front-to-rear depth giving a lifelike reproduction for large scale orchestral, small chamber groups and instrumentalists.  Piano files at last have extended decay along with deeply felt power in the lower register.  High sopranos retain body and richness.

I was much impressed by the original Curious, but the Evolved adds a new level of transparency, weight and emotional involvement in my system.  Most realistic musical timbre I have heard.  Great job Curious!! 

Ron D. (Australia)

Curious Evolved - enhances dimension.

I have been a long term Curious Cable user, satisfied that it is the best USB cable available.  My Magnepan 20.7’s are renowned for their ability to present a dynamic and lifelike soundstage and will quickly expose any component or cable that compresses or congests the dynamics and dimension in a recording.  I was therefore very excited to get the opportunity to try the new Curious “Evolved” USB cable.

Building on the strengths of the original cable the “Evolved” version enhances the dimension and naturalness of the soundstage giving vocals and instruments an extremely lifelike presentation with the finest details resolved and unmasked in all their glory.  Even during complex multi-instrumental passages the perception of detail and dimension remained firmly in place allowing better imaging and insight into individual musicians and therefore the group as a whole.  

A worthwhile step up from the original, the Curious Evolved USB cable is my new reference cable.

Wilhelm H. (Australia)

Curious Evolved - more detail. 

The original Curious usb cable beat all comers in my system and still is a great cable. However, when I inserted the Curious Evolved, it revealed more body in instruments, improved nuance and detail plus improved the soundstage and imagining. 

It was like I had turned the volume up and it became calm.  I am really hearing what the Nagra HD DAC can do!

Phil W. (Australia)


I have been using the the original yellow usb cable and was very happy with the sound quality to the point where I never considered any replacement.  But since I have installed the new blue cable and Regen Link my system has Evolved!  Much more detail and clarity. So smooth So impressed. Well done on another great cable....highly recommended and thanks again.

Stav (DACman) Australia

Rob Woodland discusses "dimension" in usb cables

Curious Evolved usb cable - the best we can do!