Curious usb cable


Our original and best value usb cable: US$350 for 0.8m cable


Since its release in 2015, the Curious usb cable has been the cable of choice for thousands of audiophiles around the world.

Most people comment on the 3 dimensional space and lifelike dynamics that the Curious can bring to a computer based audio system.

The improvement is immediate and quite obvious. Music simply sounds more real.

Media reviews have been very complementary toward the Curious.

Hi-Fi Advice says:

“After using the Curious USB cable, you won’t ever want to go back to that flat and uninspiring sounding regular cable”. 

Positive Feedback Magazine says:

“The Curious is open and wonderfully resolving while being musically engaging...”

Stereo Times says:

This  is a great cable!

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curious evolved usb cable


Our premium usb cable: $550 for 0.8m cable


As the name suggests, the Evolved is an evolution of the Curious principles, with increased resolution providing more space, separation and three dimensional sound staging. Inner detail is improved, so you’ll hear more of the recording than ever before. 

According to the designer Rob Woodland, “The Curious Evolved is the best we can do, and will benefit audiophiles who want the maximum performance from their computer based Audio system”.

The Curious usb cable is still a benchmark for usb performance, and extremely hard to beat at the price.

However, early listeners tell us the Curious Evolved takes computer audio to another level. See user review below:

A revelation – Curious Evolved.

I have tracked from AudioQuest to Oyaide to Curious USB and now to a new release – Curious Evolved.  The Evolved absolutely raises the bar to new heights for my system – Meitner DA2 Reference, Karan KA M2000 monoblocks to Wilson XLF speakers through Odin and Analysis Plus cables.


Much broader and more detailed soundstage with incredible inner resolution.  Added front-to-rear depth giving a lifelike reproduction for large scale orchestral, small chamber groups and instrumentalists.  Piano files at last have extended decay along with deeply felt power in the lower register.  High sopranos retain body and richness.

I was much impressed by the original Curious, but the Evolved adds a new level of transparency, weight and organic playback in my system.  Most realistic musical timbre I have heard.  Great job Curious!! 

Ron D.  (Australia)

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